Simple Upgrades for a Smart Hotel Experience

How smart is your hotel? With traditional hotel processes flipping almost overnight to new safety measures, extremely limited physical touch points and new guest expectations, it illustrated the need for smarter processes to enhance efficiencies not only for staff but for a better experience for guests.  

While a digital overhaul might be out of reach or a bit extreme for every hotel, it’s important to consider different options that may address some major pain points at each property. And the changes might not be a shock or a high learning curve as many in the industry used to think. 

Smart Homes, Smart Hotels

The global smart home market size is projected to reach $622.59 billion by 2026, a huge jump from $79.9 billion in 2017. Whether asking a digital assistant to update their grocery list or letting the roomba vacuum the crumbs in the kitchen, humans interact with tech all day long. Smart homes have become the norm. So why wouldn’t guests expect the same while traveling?

Hotels can create many of these conveniences of home to help guests feel more comfortable while traveling:

  • Contactless check-ins and digital keys to skip the lines at the front desk
  • Touchless room controls to adjust thermostat, lights and curtains, to make the room just the way they like it
  • Digital in-room assistants to request service items or book a spot at the pool
  • Robots for deep cleaning to keep up the high level of sanitization needed
  • Smarter TV options for adjusting volume via voice or casting any show from any app right to the TV

Guests can still get high-touch service without the physical touch. The personalized, modern experience creates high satisfaction and loyalty.

How Angie Can Make the Smart Experience a Reality 

Our digital concierge, Angie, and our mobile guest app enable smart hotel functionality and integrated systems to meet the evolving expectations of guests with an intelligent level of control. 

Smart features boost efficiency by streamlining and tracking guest requests (e.g., new towels, check outs, amenity bookings). Angie also is available 24/7 to answer questions and offer hotel and local information, saving phone calls and frees up the front desk and other staff to assist in higher touch areas. Guests can also adjust the TV channels, turn off lights and request music via voice, increasing overall satisfaction. 

Angie integrations combine sought-after functionality and intelligence to make the new guest journey a reality. We also offer flexible, subscription pricing options to enable hotels to make smart upgrades without the up-front, per-room hardware investment typically required in this market. 

Ready to create a smarter experience? Reach out to us to learn more about our smart hotel solutions today.