How To Reduce Housekeeping Calls with Angie

Overall cleanliness and safety protocols are rated as guests’ top priorities when choosing a hotel, and that means additional cleaning and sanitation duties fall on already busy housekeeping staff. What if there was a way to reduce the strain on staff members by automatically taking and tracking guest requests? With Angie, there is. 

How Angie Works

Both Angie in-room assistants and the Angie Mobile app act as a 24/7 concierge to aid and enhance guests’ stays. Guests can use their voices or their personal mobile devices to make requests, order room service, ask for hotel and local information and more. Because the platform was built specifically for the hospitality environment, guests can interact naturally with Angie. There’s no need for complicated instructions or multiple steps. Simply say, “Hey, Angie. I need two more bath towels,” or “Hey, Angie. I am out of bar soap.” It’s that easy. 

Angie Integrations

Aside from being easy for guests to use, Angie takes a load off of staff by integrating with PMS and workflow management systems, including Amadeus Service Optimization (HotSOS), to initiate requests directly into defined hotel workflows. Angie can coordinate items to be sent to the room and submit maintenance requests. This reduces calls to housekeeping and gives time back to staff to respond where a human touch is necessary. 

Angie in the Real World

Don’t just take our word for it. For one California-based hotel, Angie saved staff over an hour a day spent on phone calls and intercepted over 780 housekeeping requests in just one month alone. Another happy general manager says, “Angie not only serves as a 24-hour extension of our staff, but also automates many manual tasks, freeing time to focus on our most valuable guest interactions.”

To make the most of Angie’s ability to boost operational efficiencies, it’s important to make sure guests are aware of all she can do. Incorporate Angie into your latest health and safety plan, add information about her to your website and booking engine and remind guests in the room with digital and printed signage.

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