Reduce Costs While Upgrading Equipment? New Subscription Pricing is the Answer.

Many countries recently set their clocks back by one hour. I’m sure many of us wish we could set them back by a whole year. And while the saying goes “hindsight is 20/20,” this was a 20/20 vision none of us could have foreseen.

The hospitality industry has experienced its share of hardship over the years, but it has always come back, sometimes stronger than before. The customers we’ve talked to are focused on two things: making their properties safe for guests and staff and saving money. For Angie, we’ve focused on those very same things for hotels.

We’ve  doubled R&D efforts to help our customers limit touchpoints and augment their processes with cost-effective, contactless technologies. And now we’re offering subscription-based pricing to enable hotels to make safety and other necessary upgrades without the up-front, per-room hardware investment typically required in this market. 

Our guest-facing technology cuts dozens of hotel touchpoints. Angie Spark and Angie Luxe in-room guest assistants, for example, can fulfill common hotel requests, offer recommendations and share hotel information. “Hey, Angie. Can I get a late checkout?” Or “Hey, Angie. Can I get more towels?” Angie optimizes these processes and eliminates some of the stress on hotel staff. 

Many hotels are also dealing with expensive phone services that are legally required. We offer a cloud PBX phone service that has drastically cut monthly costs for our customers (in half in some cases). Hotels can ditch the phones and use Angie digital assistants instead to provide the required emergency calling capabilities while creating a next-generation hotel stay. Angie provides guests with their own assistants to make their stays safer and more comfortable. With Angie on your team, “she” is one of the favorites among the staff due to her helpful, positive attitude. And she never takes a break – just like hotels. 

Our voice-activated assistants also offer smart hotel room functionality to control lighting, adjust thermostats, close curtains and more. The operational efficiencies are an added benefit to increased guest satisfaction. All of our products can be implemented under the subscription option. 

Let the “fall back” time change allow your team to fall back on partners like Angie who can help you recover from this crisis. We are in this together, and we hope that this subscription offering can equip hotels with the right tools to navigate the current time and prepare for recovery. If you’d like to learn more, please reach out to our account reps to find out what might work best for your property.