Privacy and Data Collection Policy For Angie In-Room Assistants

Custom-Built Platform Provides Hotel Guests with Convenience while Respecting Privacy

At Nomadix, privacy of hotel guests is a top priority. When guests step into their rooms, our in-room assistants provide convenience and safety without compromising privacy.

Other virtual assistants are built on popular consumer voice platforms that collect and track user data to be leveraged for marketing and advertising purposes. By contrast, Angie’s platform is designed to fulfill common requests via voice commands but doesn’t track or store any personal identifiable guest data.

Convenience, not Intrusion

The Angie Spark and Luxe families of voice-enabled assistants handle guest requests 24/7. The Angie devices respond to the “Hey, Angie” command and will engage immediately with guests but are not otherwise listening or recording what’s happening in the room. Similarly, if a guest clicks the button on the device, Angie will then begin to interact but prior to engagement conducts no type of recording or data tracking.

Additionally, given privacy concerns with AI products, we realize some guests would prefer to opt out of this service. In this case, two options are available: a guest can choose to disable the “Hey, Angie” command and only interact via the touchscreen or select Sleep Mode to fully disable the screen and button functionality.

Data Collection

Angie abides by strict privacy regulations and adheres to guest expectations and hospitality protocols. The platform continually updates commands and technology flows to achieve high guest satisfaction and value for hoteliers.

Angie may collect limited data during interactions in order to improve Angie’s ability to more accurately respond to guest requests. For example, if a request or question is misunderstood by the device, that data will be used for product development to more accurately respond to that type of request in the future.

Additionally, if there is a property management system integration in place, during the stay, Angie knows the room number and name of that guest for the sole purpose of delivering towels, booking appointments or any other action explicitly requested by the guest. Once the guest checks out, that information is completely removed.

While Angie does not track or store personal identifiable information, guests should understand the privacy policies of their hotel properties. We take guest privacy seriously and is why the products have been designed differently than other consumer virtual assistants.

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