How to Modernize Your Hotel Telephony and Reduce Costs, Introducing Angie PBX

As the hospitality industry navigates pandemic health concerns and lower occupancy, it’s critical for hotels to invest in new processes and technology to protect their people, optimize operations with stretched staff, and meet evolving safety expectations, all while managing the bottom line. We have doubled down on our development over the past six months to deliver safer, touchless technologies that provide the modern conveniences expected by guests while giving cost-effective options for hoteliers. 

We are excited to share our newest offering Angie PBX, a cloud phone service delivered through our digital guest room assistants that offers calling capabilities throughout the hotel and meets emergency calling requirements. As the hospitality industry continues to face hardships, this cost-effective solution allows hoteliers to remove outdated equipment, modernize the guest experience, offer touchless functionality and save money each month. 

When paired with an Angie digital assistant device, Angie PBX enables a touchless experience through voice-enabled commands. There’s no need for guests to touch the device to call the front desk or call for emergency services. It alerts the front desk and provides authorities with the necessary location details to ensure guest safety. Calls can also be made from the touch screen and standard phones are offered as an option. 

Many hotels maintain costly outdated systems that need to be replaced and that guests rarely use. Despite the decreased usage, hotels must still comply with Kari’s Law in the U.S. and Telecom Decision CRTC 2007-44 in Canada. Angie PBX provides a reliable service at a fraction of the cost of other services on the market. It allows hoteliers to update equipment, meet safety requirements and effectively save money by making the switch. 

In addition to the PBX features, Angie digital assistants provide functionality to help fulfill guest requests, answer questions about the hotel and nearby attractions, and provide a seamless, next-generation hotel experience. Angie devices can also be integrated with existing hotel systems to provide a touchless interface to control the thermostat, lights, TV and more. Angie eliminates many touch points for hotel guests to increase safety precautions and provide more efficiency.

Our PBX service works as an add-on to all Angie Spark and Luxe devices. Hotels can use Angie IP phones or leverage most IP phones on the market for front desk and back office locations around the hotel. These phones are easy to set up and maintain and meet low-cost needs without losing quality. 

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