How to Free Up the Front Desk with Angie

Though we’ve entered a new era of contactless experiences, the front desk is still an integral part of the guest journey. Whether greeting guests, answering calls or fulfilling requests, front desk staff serve as a hotel’s front line, especially when escalations arise. Smart tech like Angie can offload tasks from the front desk and allow them to focus their time where a human touch is needed most.

Elevate the Guest Experience and Give Time Back to Staff

Both Angie in-room assistants and the Angie mobile app give guests 24/7 access to hotel information and local recommendations via voice technology. From playing their favorite music to arranging a late check-out, Angie is there to help. If a guest wants to know when the pool opens, they can simply say “Hey, Angie” instead of calling the front desk. If a couple is looking for a nice dinner for date night, rather than stopping by the front desk or concierge, they can ask Angie for a recommendation for the best Italian food near the hotel. If a family arrives and realizes they need a few more blankets and towels, you got it–they can save the phone call and just ask Angie. 

Angie works behind the scenes too. Thanks to PMS and workflow management integrations, guest item, service and maintenance tasks are automatically initiated, directed to the correct department and tracked. While Angie is busy answering questions and managing requests, front desk staff can concentrate on high-touch tasks. 

Assist with Sick Leave and Time Off

Contactless technology like Angie helps your staff take care of guests, but it can also help hoteliers look out for their staff in times of need. Due to the industry-wide staff shortage post-pandemic, scheduling flexibility or last-minute changes could be a struggle. Technology can help stretched staff until new members come on board. Marriott, for example, is now testing automatic kiosks to check in guests. And AI works 24/7 – without a coffee break. 

Angie in the Real World

Bayfront Marin House, a Historic Inn in St. Augustine with Angie virtual assistants in each of their 21 rooms, has saved their main office staff over 40 hours this year by answering questions about hotel amenities and local information, assisting with service inquiries and checking guests out. What could your staff do with the extra time? 

We would love to help you give back time to your front line. Contact us to learn more about Angie solutions.