How to Address the New Expectations on Housekeeping Staff

Cleaning and safety expectations have changed over the last year. According to Knowingli Market Research, over 93% of guests say that they expect each hotel to outline its safety measures. When it comes to areas of concern, elevators and guest rooms are at the top of the list, with doors, gyms, and restaurants not far behind. 

Additionally, the research highlighted that occupancy limits and touch-free tech are also priorities when it comes to building guest confidence.

These shifts are putting a lot more pressure on hotel and housekeeping staff to increase cleaning priorities in the room and offer limited (or zero) contact delivery to fulfill service items. While many regions are moving into recovery, these new expectations may never fully go away.  

Voice Tech with Angie Offloads Staff with a Familiar Experience 

Guests are used to talking to smart speakers in their homes. The U.S. smart speaker installed user base is now 87.7 million adults, up 32% over a year earlier. Additionally 50% of all searches in 2020 were voice-activated. The technology is already familiar to guests of all ages, so why not simplify their stays with the comforts of home?

Need some towels? Forgot toothpaste? Instead of picking up the phone to call the front desk to then be connected to housekeeping, guests can simply use their voice to say, “Hey, Angie. I need two more towels” or “Hey, Angie. Can I get some toothpaste?” 

Angie helps offload these calls by responding to the request and routing to the correct department. Angie coordinates items to be sent to the room and can also submit maintenance requests. This reduces calls to housekeeping and gives time back to staff to focus on high-touch areas. 

Additionally, Angie allows guests to check out from their rooms, which also instantly alerts housekeeping that the room is ready for cleaning. With much more limited staff in many hotels, waiting for the front desk to alert housekeeping manually can cause a bottleneck, and these extra minutes saved can help create greater efficiencies behind the scenes. 

Angie integrates with the PMS and workflow management systems, including Amadeus Service Optimization (HotSOS), which fits right into hotel processes and optimizes the experience.   

Save Calls, Save Time… But that’s not all

Whether your hotel is short-staffed or employees are working double time to ensure all the additional cleaning tasks are being met, Angie guest room assistants can help relieve some of the burden. This added efficiency can go a long way. Beyond reducing housekeeping calls, Angie works around the clock (and doesn’t need breaks!), offers a contactless experience, answers questions, offers recommendations, can bridge language barriers and more. To learn more about adding Angie to your staff, contact us today.