Hoteliers – Make Your 2019 Tech Budget Count with Angie

As budgeting season is coming to a close, you might still be agonizing over where your technology budget is best spent—customer analytics, room control features, maybe business intelligence tools. Perhaps there is little room, if any at all, for tech upgrades; instead, you’re focused on staffing, marketing, or renovations. Whether or not you are considering a voice solution for your hotel, Angie can not only stretch your technology budget, but the rest of your budget as well. So, what are you trying to achieve with your 2019 budget?

Need to increase staffing to improve guest experience?

54% of hoteliers report that hiring and retaining staff is a major challenge. When adding more staff doesn’t fit into your budget, consider hiring Angie who acts as a member of the staff who works 24 hours a days 365 days a year. Not only doesn’t she need any time off, but she makes the rest of your staff more efficient by integrating directly with your existing PMS and workflow systems. Angie processes guest and staff requests and tracks fulfillment, which allows your current staff members to focus on other high-touch areas to make your guests happy.

Want to offer a more personalized guest experience?

Did you know increasing personalization can increase overall consumer spending by up to 500%? On top of that, guests are actually rather comfortable sharing personal information that might improve their hotel stays: 71% of guests would share information about food preferences or allergies, and 64% would share their entertainment preferences.

Angie’s cloud-managed data platform combined with a variety of integrations allow hoteliers to to better customize and personalize the guest experience based on their individual preferences. Using open standards to easily integrate with existing hotel systems, Angie provides voice control over guest room lighting, thermostat, television and drapes that can be personalized and remembered for future stays. She can recognize and leverage guest’s loyalty status and program benefits, and hoteliers can send tailored messages and offers to specific guests or groups via her high-resolution touch screen.

Looking to upgrade your guest room tech?

Over 60% of guests think it is “very or extremely important” for hotels to continue investing in technology to enhance the guest experience, 49% of guests say their hotel selection is influenced by high-tech features in the guest room, and investing in technology reportedly increases in-room sales revenue by 20%.

Investing in upgraded guest room tech is a clear priority. Not only does Angie provide solutions and integrations for improved guest services, but also can provide room control, telephone, Wi-Fi, and much more in a single cloud-managed beautiful device. Our team of industry veterans designed Angie with patented technologies specifically for hotels. Angie’s look, sound, and full suite of features compliment any hotel room.

She not only takes the place of aging in-room telephones and alarm clocks, but she offers a nightlight, charging ports, and high-fidelity bluetooth speakers. An efficient use of your in room devices investment, the Angie’s voice and high-resolution touch screen interfaces are easy for guests to access, use and understand.

Searching for a solution to leverage cloud-managed data?

It’s predicted that 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020. Two of the biggest concerns about cloud-managed data are security and privacy, so Angie’s technology was built to address these concerns right from the beginning.

Angie’s enterprise-class, cloud-managed platform is built on a secure, scalable, and always-available architecture that is continuously monitored. In addition to keeping both her system and data secure, it also allows her to self-configure for the correct property and room automatically as soon as she’s plugged in. System updates and new features can be delivered effortlessly to installed devices throughout your property or across your estate. In addition to personalizing the stay for an individual guest, Angie can also track usage and operational data in an anonymous fashion, to offer insight into property and guest trends while maintain guest privacy.

A voice solution that provides all this?

When 70% of hoteliers’ believe voice-enabled devices have the most potential out of emerging technologies, it’s not a question of whether or not you’ll need a voice solution, but rather when you should start implementing one.

If you are unsure about how to allocate your 2019 technology budget or if there is room for a voice solution, remember that Angie goes far beyond just an in-room voice assistant that can perform a few tricks. She can help with staffing, personalization, guest satisfaction, data-management, and much more. The right technology is worth the investment because it allows hotels to grow with evolving guest demands while keeping costs in check. Wondering about the ROI of AI and Voice Technology? We cover that here. Want to learn more about the Angie solution? Give us a call at 1-866-HEY-ANGIE or email us at