“Hey, Angie. Make My Stay Contactless.”

In today’s pandemic environment, a traveler decides to book a stay at a hotel when they notice the thorough cleaning and safety protocols listed on the website. The hotel boasts UV cleaning and Angie in-room digital assistants to enhance their comfort, which gives them added confidence for their upcoming trip. 

Their confirmation email includes a “Safe Travels” checklist and a preview of what to expect for their stay. Upon arrival, they are reminded about Angie, their personal in-room concierge. This voice assistant can answer questions, book amenities, fulfill requests and more. Here’s some examples of how Angie can elevate a guest stay by offering a personalized, contactless experience:

“Hey Angie. Turn on the TV.” 

Using infrared technology, Angie can remove typical in-room touch points, such as pressing a button to turn on the TV or touching the remote to change the channel. Angie integrates with TVs that use Sonifi to give voice capabilities to guest room entertainment. 

“Hey Angie. I’m cold.”

Angie can also integrate with guest room thermostats, lighting and more so that guests can use their voice to personalize their experiences.

“Hey Angie. I’d like more towels.”

Whether it’s towels, pillows, a toothbrush or a razor, if a guest is in need, they can simply ask Angie and have the desired item delivered to their door – all without picking up a phone or having physical contact with staff. 

“Hey Angie. Play jazz music.” 

Angie offers both music streaming from the internet and bluetooth music streaming to elevate the guest experience. The high fidelity Bluetooth speakers connect to guest devices to stream music, without needing to plug in a device or touch any buttons. 

“Hey Angie. Can I order room service?”

Dining in the hotel restaurant may not be an option for guests, depending on local regulations and/or guest comfort levels. Angie allows guests to access the restaurant menu, order room service and have it delivered to their door. This avoids the typical touch points of browsing a menu, interacting with staff and signing the check. 

“Hey Angie. Is the gym open?” 

If offering socially distanced options for gym or pool use, Angie can let guests know. Whether there is an occupancy limit or the option to schedule an hour of private use, Angie can be equipped with the resources that guests need to enjoy the amenities that make staying at a hotel unique. 

“Hey Angie. I’m ready to check out.”

Instead of dropping by the front desk, guests can check out via Angie. They can request a late check-out or even set up an uber to the airport. From beginning to end, Angie is there to support guests’ needs in a personal, hospitable way. 

Angie in-room assistants allow hotels to offer a high touch experience without the “touch” and give guests options to choose how they want to interact with the hotel. By fulfilling many common guests requests, Angie can also work to relieve busy staff and improve operational efficiencies. 

For hotels looking to update to contactless tech on a budget, we currently offer subscription-based pricing. To learn more about Angie’s features, compare our different models here