From Artificial Intelligence to Real Revenue: How AI solutions impact your hotel’s bottom line

Virtual assistant technology has not only become widespread among mainstream consumers, but is also being adopted by an array of vertical markets worldwide, including the hospitality industry. Have you wondered if and how AI can provide your properties with measurable value?

Hotels exist to serve guests and provide them with the experiences and conveniences that they seek while traveling. As technology advances within the home, so do guest expectations and behavior when traveling, creating a need for hoteliers to adapt in order to successfully cater to current trends and changing needs. Fortunately, implementing AI and voice technology has the power to generate additional revenue, while enhancing guest satisfaction and loyalty, operational efficiency, and profitability.

Enhance Guest Satisfaction

AI boosts guest satisfaction by providing the instant service, convenience and personalization that they find at home thanks to modern devices and smart technology systems.

Guests wanting to learn about hotel amenities and available services or make requests can do so without having to pick up the phone, set foot out of their room or wait for a staff response. With Angie, they can turn on the lights without leaving their bed, or set an alarm without needing to figure out the clock. Time and effort saved will always be highly prized by guests, and represent significant value to hoteliers as a result.

Repeat bookings are a highly sought-after goal for hoteliers. AI enhances the ability to earn loyalty by providing guests with the option to tailor services to their specific needs. Guests returning to a hotel can find that amenities such as lighting, temperature, alarms or television channel settings can be automatically preset to reflect personal preferences from the moment that they enter a room. Familiarity is a commodity that builds loyalty, which for hoteliers, should always be equated to enhanced value.

Streamline Operational Efficiency

The ability for guests to easily locate hotel service information or request amenities also provides hotels with an opportunity to streamline their operations and reduce costs, while earning added room revenue and gaining “share of wallet” for each stay. Angie’s voice-and-touch interface allows guests to explore hotel info and guest services just like they would on their phone.

Devices like Angie provide the ability to automatically send guest requests directly to the appropriate personnel or department. This reduces labor costs and strain on resources by eliminating the need for staff members to spend time directing requests to the appropriate area. It also provides a way to efficiently track the resolution of guest requests, provide guests with updates and collect data on the efficiency of each department.

By directing requests automatically, hotels using AI also significantly reduce guest wait times while keeping the number of staff involved to a minimum. Hotel staff members can focus on other high-touch areas in order to enhance overall satisfaction.

Increase Profitability

Serving as a hotel-to-guest communications tool, AI virtual assistants like Angie also open up the potential to grow revenue by providing guests with information in a way that reflects how they interact with technology and services during day-to-day life. When 41% of people who own a voice-activated speaker say it feels like talking to a friend or another person (Google), it’s hard to deny that more and more people are comfortable with and expect to use their voices for search, room control, music and more.

As an in-room feature that is accessible at any time guests can instantly review all options available to them and make purchases that otherwise may not have taken place. They can browse restaurant menus, view spa services, and see what entertainment options a specific property offers. Angie can also enhance the features of upgraded rooms, such as executive floors, suites, and corner rooms, helping the hotel consistently achieve upsells.

Angie can generate direct revenues by promoting optional hotel amenities, offers and upgrades directly to guests on her screen and automatically adding this revenue to the guest folio. Meanwhile, indirect revenue is generated through Angie’s proven impact on guest satisfaction and brand or property loyalty, which translates to repeat bookings and long-term success.

Meet Angie, The Simple Solution

AI and voice technologies provide ROI for hoteliers both directly and indirectly. Angie is the cloud-based, in-room voice assistant that makes it easy for hoteliers to reap those rewards. From integrating with PMS and workflow systems you already have in place, to simplifying room personalization, collecting valuable data for future purchasing decisions, Angie does it all, and then some.

Check out the full-suite of Angie’s features here and if you want to learn more about how Angie could help your bottom line, please send us an email or contact us at +1-866-HEY-ANGIE.