eBook: Facing the New Guest Experience Realities with a Modern Approach

The reopening of hospitality is here: a recent survey fielded by Allison+Partners found that 59% of people plan to take a trip at some point during Spring 2021. After a year of shutdowns, our industry is at a new inflection point, and hotels have the opportunity to adapt to changing guest expectations like never before. 

Our latest eBook takes a look at how hotels can still deliver a modern, personalized, high-touch guest experience with limited touch points. There’s also an infographic to help you visualize the latest contactless stats, along with a free checklist with ideas for updating and communicating your new safety protocols and providing opportunities to offer guests a contactless experience. 

Chapter 1: The Transition to Digital

Learn about why guests expect hotels to shift to a mobile-first approach and how to put guests in control of their experiences by leveraging their own devices. It’s no surprise that 90% of guests prefer a mobile app to in-person interactions.

Chapter 2: Pre-Arrival and Check-In

Explore the beginning of the guest journey and discover the importance of being transparent with guests from the moment they land on your website or listing. 

Chapter 3: In-Room and Amenities

The guest room and on-property amenities offer many opportunities for personalization and “contactless” engagement. Learn how your hotel can take advantage. 

Chapter 4: High Touch Without the Touch

Only 22% of loyalty program members say they are very satisfied with the level of personalization they receive in the programs, but 87% of consumers are open to brands monitoring details of their activity if it leads to more customized rewards. Could you be doing more?

Chapter 5: What’s Next?

Embracing best practices for safety and contactless engagement now will lead to guest satisfaction in the future. The eBook then shares additional industry resources and a checklist to get started or that could inspire ideas.

Download the eBook and free safety checklist here.