EBook: The Future of Hospitality and a Reimagined Guest Experience Post-Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic acted as a catalyst to rapid change and innovation across the hospitality industry. Our eBook delves into what these changes look like for hoteliers and guests alike. Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s included, and it’s available for free.

Chapter 1: New Era of Safe and Clean Hotels

Learn more about industry-driven initiatives that outline heightened cleanliness standards and how these can help prepare for the return of guests. Even if you have already implemented new procedures, check out our tips for improving cleaning protocols.

Chapter 2: The Reimagined On-Property Experience

This chapter covers the “new normal” for public areas, food service, and public amenities. Discover how to empower your guests to use self-service and AI technologies for increased peace of mind.

Chapter 3: The Rise of Touchless Technology

Here you will find ideas for in-room technology that can enhance the guest experience, from hands free voice-activated tech to touchless entertainment options.

Chapter 4: A Safe and Digitally Connected Future

In this chapter, explore the importance of recognizing that hands-free convenience shouldn’t come at the expense of excellent service or continued guest connection. Explore the various technology, software, and data that you can leverage to remain connected with guests, even from a distance.

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