Convenience Meets Safety in Covid-era Hospitality

Whether you’re traveling for essential business or living in a hotel out of necessity or for other reasons, the hospitality experience has drastically changed due to COVID-19. While guests were (and still are) looking for convenience throughout their hotel stay, there is a new level of complexity to provide top-notch service, limited touch points and the highest safety standards.

On the latest podcast from Hospitality Digital Marketing, our CEO David Millili chats with a panel of hospitality experts on what’s needed today given restricted travel, stricter health codes and necessary penny pinching to make it to the other side. Interested in any of the following topics? They’ve got you covered.

  • Cost saving measures for hoteliers to meet requirements while exceeding guest expectations
  • Digital voice assistant/app to provide faster service and alleviate strain on the front desk
  • Phone/PBX options to meet legal safety requirements and save money 
  • Creating smart hotel rooms that easily connect thermostats, digital keys, lighting, alarm clocks, food service, travel arrangements, casting streaming apps to TVs, and more
  • Privacy concerns with big tech and global travel
  • Analytics for better experiences and alerts for any issues before they arise

Be sure to check out the full podcast below. The panelists shine a light on the real struggles for hotels and a few options to make it through this year and prepare for what’s next – and they definitely have some fun along the way.