What Should Be Your Next Bet in 2021? Contactless Technology.

The news of COVID-19 vaccine deliveries has shined a bright light on a very challenging year. As hotels prepare for guests to come back, what are some safe bets that can help instill travelers’ confidence?

According to a recent survey by Skift and Oracle, 70% of hotel respondents already are or are planning to adopt contactless technology for check-in, food ordering, concierge services and more. With stretched staff and lower occupancy, contactless technology can augment processes and continue providing the high-touch service without the actual “touch”.

Guest apps, in-room virtual assistants, digital key cards, self-service kiosks, cleaning robots – all of these technologies can eliminate numerous touchpoints between staff and guests. Travelers already commonly use digital tickets from their mobile devices to get on a flight. This technology isn’t a huge leap over to the hotel setting. In fact, it’s almost expected at this point.

The below infographic illustrates the growth and business case for contactless technologies in hospitality. It’s time to make some adjustments to prepare for what post-pandemic travel will look like. Contactless technologies will be an important factor in recovery.



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