Cost-Effective Hotel Phone Solutions With Cloud-Based PBX


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Many on-site analog hotel PBX telephone solutions have reached their end of life, incur high support costs and have a sharp decrease in guest usage.
However, hotels are still required to provide in-room phones for emergency services such as 911.

Angie PBX integrates with our voice assistants to replace in-room phones and provide a voice-enabled, contactless calling capability. Our in-room assistants are fully compliant with current E911 laws to eliminate any liability concerns for hotels. The cloud-based PBX offering also comes with flexible calling options and huge cost savings: our devices can be configured to only allow calls to the front desk, other preselected hotel departments, and emergency services. 

Angie PBX can also be a cost-effective telephony solution using standard SIP IP phones to replace expensive analog systems. Whether using Angie devices or IP phones, no onsite server is required.


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Features & Benefits
  • Replace traditional and costly on-site PBX telephony systems
  • Keep up with guest use habits and expectations
  • Offer voice-enabled calling
  • Meet the latest emergency compliance requirements
  • Eliminate liability concerns for hotels
  • Promote savings with flexible calling options
Nomadix-Powered Phones for Front Desk and Back Office
Hotels can select from these Nomadix-powered, full-featured phones for the front desk and back office:

  • Up to 16 supported SIP accounts
  • 4.3 inch LCD color display
  • 36 programmable digital keys
  • Phone app support
  • USP port
  • EHS headset support
  • Expansion module (CIP 200) support
  • Built-in bluetooth
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • CIP250
  • Up to 8 supported SIP accounts
  • 2.8 inch LCD color display
  • 28 programmable digital keys
  • Phone app support
  • EHS headset support

  • CIP230
  • Up to 4 supported SIP accounts
  • 2.8 inch LCD color display
  • 12 programmable digital keys
  • Phone app support