The Fastest Casting Solution In Hospitality


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Guests today want to watch their own entertainment by casting it from their devices to the in-room TV,  and many hotels have implemented a casting solution to keep up with these expectations. However, casting can be cumbersome for hotels to deploy and confusing for guests to operate. Using the TV remote to enter hard-to-remember usernames and passwords leads to frustration and calls to the front desk or tech support. And in our increasingly contactless world, guests prefer to touch their own devices instead of the remote.

Angie Casting allows your guests to easily and securely stream their preferred media content from their mobile devices onto the in-room TV.

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  • Simplified authentication using an on-screen QR code
  • Contactless experience as guests use their own devices and avoid the remote
  • Support for guest content from over 2000 apps, including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Spotify
  • Ability to use mobile device while casting
  • Security case option
  • Support for both iOS and Android
  • Built-in reliability and security
  • Customizable with hotel branding
  • Easy-to-use, web-based management platform
  • Backed by the power of Nomadix
  • Automatic pairing of guest devices at properties with the Nomadix Gateway
Angie Casting displays a QR code on the in-room TV screen so guests can simply aim their camera at the code to connect their mobile device. All the guest has to do after that is choose what they want to watch and select the casting button in the app of their content provider. It’s that simple. If a guest is staying in one of the millions of rooms at properties that use Nomadix Gateways to authenticate and manage their Wi-Fi network, guest devices are paired with their TV the instant they connect to the hotel Wi-Fi. That is it! No logins, no steps, just what they want to watch, when they want to watch it.