Angie Hospitality Fully Integrated with Amadeus HotSOS | Minimize Operational Costs, Maximize Guest Satisfaction

There is excitement with Team Angie as we certified our integration with the HotSOS platform of Amadeus Hospitality, who is a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel industry. As a result of this certification, hoteliers will now be able to fully integrate Angie’s digital guest room assistant with HotSOS, one of hospitality’s most utilized cloud-based service optimization enterprise solutions. Our integration with Amadeus HotSOS provides answers and solutions to guest room technology pain points that many hoteliers face.

Guest Technology Pain Points

The most common pain point associated with current guest room technology for hoteliers is finding the balance between maximizing guest satisfaction while minimizing operating costs. Is it possible to keep up with guest expectations while still maximizing profits? AI and voice technology have the power to do just this, especially when integrating the right solutions, such as Amadeus HotSOS and Angie.

Solutions for Hoteliers

There will always be pressure for hoteliers to increase both profit margin and guest satisfaction and AI and voice offer a unique solution to this challenge. We foresee Angie’s voice-and-touch interface and integrations helping hoteliers run more efficient hotels while also better serving their guests.

Angie’s full suite of cloud-managed solutions, when paired with HotSOS Workflow integration, work to increase guest satisfaction by fulfilling guest service requests faster and more efficiently. Angie acts as additional staff that works 24/7 to handle standard requests, freeing employees to provide that unique human touch where it’s needed most. This leads to lower operational costs thanks to improved resource allocation and automation of guest requests.

Hoteliers that take advantage of integrated voice technologies now will reap the rewards of offering a more personalized, comfortable guest experience while still maximizing revenue.

Solutions for Guests

The in-room guest experience must continually become more interactive, predictive, customizable, and personal. Voice interfaces will play a significant role in this transition. It took only two years for 50 million Americans to have smart speakers in their homes—the internet took twice as long to reach the same number of people. As comfort with interactive voice technologies rise, hotels will need to adopt such solutions to make guest’s stay more like home.

Just as Angie and HotSOS offer a solution for hoteliers to increase revenue and optimize operations, they also provide the answer for guests who will expect to interact with their hotel rooms the same way they do with their homes. For example, these solutions allow guests to make requests for towels without placing a call to housekeeping, request reservations without having to look through a printed directory, or check out without stopping by the front desk.

Why Angie?

Angie’s team of industry veterans recognized the problem hotels face of trying to maximize guest satisfaction, operational efficiency, and revenue, and felt they could use modern technology and their expertise to build a better solution. The team set out to create an in-room device to serve as 24-hour guest assistant that not only improves the guest experience, but also back-of-house operations. Thus, Angie was born.

Angie is the ultimate voice assistant within the guest room; her interactive voice-and-touch-interface appeals across generations and allows guests to customize, personalize, and control their room with simply their voice. As an integrated cloud-managed device that not only provides guest service, but also offers hoteliers the chance to include telephony, room control, and a Wi-Fi solution in a single box, Angie offers simple solutions to the existing pain points hoteliers face. When paired with proven systems many hotels already have in place, such as Amadeus HotSOS, Angie becomes the complete solution for improving guest experiences and hotel operational efficiencies.

Is it possible to keep up with guest expectations while still maximizing revenue? With Angie and HotSOS, absolutely.

Implement Angie in your hotel or property

To learn more about Angie, the 24-hour interactive guest room assistant and how she works to maximize operational efficiency, revenue, and most importantly guest satisfaction, follow along for our latest updates on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Please feel free to send any questions to or give us a call at +1-866-HEY-ANGIE.