About Angie Hospitality

About Us


Angie Hospitality® by Nomadix delivers contactless technology for hotels. The product line offers patented voice and touchscreen capabilities in their purpose-built solutions for the hotel environment.  This includes the world’s first 24-hour interactive guest room assistant, mobile app, and PBX solutions for hoteliers looking to increase guest satisfaction, improve staff efficiencies, and maximize revenue opportunities.

  • 2020 HTNG TechOvation Finalist for Angie Mobile App
  • 2019 VOICE Summit Award for Best Travel, Leisure, or Hospitality Experience
  • 2017 HTNG TechOvation Winner



Guests want to feel as comfortable as they do at home, with service that is even better. Hoteliers want to increase guest satisfaction and loyalty, while lowering operating costs and increasing revenue. These two goals are now mutually possible through Angie:

  • Leverages recent technological advances to provide both voice and touch interfaces to deliver the comfort and ease that guests want.
  • Allows hotel staff to easily connect with their guests and promote contactless interactions that increase both revenue and loyalty.
  • Is cloud-powered to further reduce costs and increase satisfaction while providing provide hoteliers insights to their property and guests.
  • Replaces the outdated guest services directory, alarm clock and rarely-used PBX phone handset.
  • Includes an App option to enhance the guest journey no matter where they are.
  • Lets hotel operators and staff deliver better quality service in a more affordable and sustainable way.

Angie is self-configuring, self-monitoring and can simply be shipped to the hotel and installed by the housekeeping staff.