A Special Shout Out to Women in Hospitality on International Women’s Day

Today we celebrate all of the women working in the hospitality industry – specifically hotels, from senior brand leadership, to general managers, to the front desk, housekeeping, engineering, sales, marketing, restaurants and more. These tireless workers are keeping the lights on in hotels 24/7, even through the most challenging year most of us have ever faced. 

Formerly I was a general manager and worked with many creative, innovative and driven women hospitality leaders, including Justine Rivera (Hilton) and Parminder Batra (CEO at TraknProtect). The impact they made on hotels, our industry and specifically the teams they led (and still lead today) was significant. 

At the end of the day, hotels and hospitality are all about the personal touch and human connection,  and these women encompass the spirit that has pushed positive changes in the way hotels deliver innovation and excellence. And I have no doubt they were a big factor in keeping their teams and guests safe and motivated over the past 12 months.

We also have a great team that includes strong, smart and innovative women. Here are a few of their insights:

“I have been working in the hospitality industry all of my life, including a decade in hotels experiencing different departments. Today, I am proud to still be involved within the same industry, selling technology. Over the past few years, I have realized that one of the strongest challenges that a woman has to face is the ability to balance demanding jobs with family. This challenge goes beyond the traditional concept of multi-tasking. So to all the women out there dedicating their lives to one of the most exciting industries, I want to share appreciation to be part of this group. Our efforts are an added value, and our positive attitudes in giving the best in all areas of our daily lives has definitely changed and improved the concept of hospitality today. –  Ilaria Marinoni, Senior Vice President of Sales, EMEA, Angie Hospitality

“Many years before joining Marketing at Angie, I had the pleasure of working front desk and also served breakfast at a hotel in Austin. From late nights checking in flight crews after their extremely long days, to delivering requested or loyalty member items, to spending hours running the hotel alone, and then turning around the next morning to serve breakfast at 6 a.m. – it was never a dull moment. I was fortunate enough to have smart female leaders in both departments mentor and manage me, giving me skill sets and lessons I still use in a completely different role. After all of my experiences, I have a great appreciation for all hotel staff and especially other strong women leading the charge in our industry.” – Aubrey Coggins, Director of Marketing, Nomadix and Angie Hospitality

And before closing out, let’s take a minute to reflect on one of our best team members who works 24/7 all over the world without complaint – Angie. Our virtual voice assistant is not just female by chance. Women are known to be nurturing, strong, organized, clear communicators, continually learning, and problem solvers, just to name a few attributes. Angie is all of those things and more, and guests and hotels appreciate her help in responding to all their requests asked, day and night.

It’s not an easy industry to serve guests with a warm demeanor while social distancing, masks and limited touch points have become the norm. On International Women’s Day, we thank you for continuing the good fight day in and day out. We see and celebrate you.