Angie’s at your service. Angie’s full range of solutions benefits both hotels and guests.

Angie was designed and built for hospitality. Her multilingual voice and high-resolution touch screen interfaces are easy for guests to access, use, and understand. By integrating with popular PMS and other hotel systems, Angie is fully aware of a guest’s loyalty status and program benefits and can remember individual preferences for future stays. Interaction and operational data is saved in an anonymized form and can offer insight into property and guest trends.

Leveraging existing network infrastructure, Angie can immediately upgrade property Wi-Fi to meet modern brand standards while also offering room control solutions that help manage utility costs and meet sustainability goals. Angie also provides an attractive replacement for aging PBX handsets, and a new in-room medium for guest engagement.

Angie’s enterprise-class, cloud-managed platform is built on a secure, scalable, and highly-available architecture that is continuously monitored and enables her to self-configure for each property and room as soon as she’s plugged in. This design also allows updates and new features to be delivered over the network for effortless upgrades.

24-hour Guest Room Assistant

Angie’s intuitive multilingual voice and touch interfaces provide guests with 24-hour access to information, services, and amenities enhancing their visit and allowing them to quickly become comfortable in their room, hotel and city. She’s also an accurate alarm clock with a variety of waking methods and can even charge your mobile devices via her USB ports.

Secure In-room Wi-Fi Access Point

As a simple plug-n-play device, Angie upgrades your Wi-Fi network, offering fast and fully-encrypted internet connections. Guests can easily personalize the in-room network so their devices connect as they do at home, and preferences can be remembered for future stays.

Convenient Room Control

Using Angie’s voice or touch interfaces, guests can control lights, temperature and the TV. Guest preferences can be accessed immediately upon check-in at other Angie-enabled properties. Angie’s cloud-based energy management system leverages her occupancy sensors and room controls to lower utility costs and meet sustainability and efficiency goals. Angie can be configured to automatically turn down lights and adjust the room temperature when the room is unoccupied.

High-fidelity Bluetooth Speakers and Phone

Through her high-fidelity Bluetooth speakers, Angie allows guests to enjoy their favorite music and make hands-free calls. In addition to using the speakerphone for outside calls, guests can also place internal calls directly to hotel services using voice or touch interfaces. Not only does she connect to guest devices via Bluetooth, she can replace the in-room PBX handset and easily integrate with existing hotel systems.

Interactive Guest & Group Promotion

Angie’s unique capabilities optimize property revenue and guest communication. Her interactive touch screen provides in-room digital signage to promote and book profitable amenities including food and beverage, as well as present personalized offerings. Angie invites and enables direct booking of return stays. Angie also provides a new in-room medium that properties can offer to event organizers to engage and communicate with conference and meeting attendees.

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