Angie’s Features and Capabilities

In addition to the 24-hour Guest Room Assistant, Angie also offers powerful modules that enable features and capabilities to meet both current and future needs of your hotel. Available modules including Wi-Fi, Telephony, Room Control, and Guest & Group Promotion can be selected at the time of original purchase or as future upgrades.

Room Assistant + Wi-Fi + Room Control + Telephony + Guest & Group Promotion
Purpose-built for Hospitality
Voice Control & Touch Screen Interfaces
Plug & Play
Easily Enabled Upgrades
Guest Preferences
Analytics & Reporting
PMS Integration
Multiple Network Connection Support
Multilingual Support
24-hour Guest Room Assistant
Hotel Information
Local Information
Travel Information
Alarm Clock
USB-A & USB-C Charging Ports
Secure In-room Wi-Fi Access Point
Wi-Fi Access Point
Password-protected Authentication
Secure Encrypted Data Transmission
Guest-customized SSID
Convenient Room Control
Television Remote Control & Channel Guide
Light & Temperature Control
Cloud-based Energy Management
High-fidelity Bluetooth® Speakers & Phone
High-fidelity Bluetooth Speakers
Hands-free Speakerphone
Direct Calls to Hotel Services
Integration with Hotel PBX
Stylish Handset
Interactive Guest & Group Promotion
In-room Digital Signage
On-screen Hotel Directory
Content Management System
Conference & Event Support
Personalized Guest Messaging
Return Reservation Booking
Book Property Amenities
Take Room Service Orders