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Who’s Angie?

Say hello to the world’s first cloud-powered, interactive guest room assistant, created just for hotels.

Angie’s intuitive voice and touch interfaces provide guests with 24-hour access to amenities and services, while providing secure Wi-Fi, and controls for television, lighting, and temperature. High-fidelity Bluetooth speakers allow guests to enjoy their favorite music and make hands-free phone calls. Adding Angie to your guest rooms is simple — just plug her in.

Why Angie?

We’re glad you asked.

Angie has been designed from the inception as an enterprise-class, cloud-managed solution that is purpose-built specifically for hospitality. Angie’s multilingual voice and high-resolution touch screen interfaces are easy for guests to access, use and understand.

Maximize Guest Satisfaction

Angie creates a personalized experience that maximizes guest satisfaction through the use of a simple, smart, and easy to use in-room technology. Guests enjoy a dedicated in-room assistant that provides access to hotel amenities and services, as well as convenient control of the TV, lighting, temperature, and a secure in-room Wi-Fi network. These settings are also remembered for future stays.

Maximize Operational Efficiencies

Handling many requests herself, Angie only engages staff when needed. Integrations with PMS and guest request systems enable Angie to fit in and optimize current workflows to accurately and efficiently route requests and consistently deliver. Offering a cloud-based energy management system, Angie leverages her in-room occupancy sensors and room control capabilities to help lower utility costs and help meet sustainability and efficiency goals.

Maximize Revenue

Angie drives bottom-line benefits by promoting profitable amenities, conferences, events, and return reservations. Replacing the in-room directory, Angie’s voice and high-resolution touch interface provides up-to-date, visually appealing hotel and local information, and can even take room service orders. Hotels can now offer event organizers a way to engage and communicate with conference and meeting attendees using a new interactive in-room medium.

Solutions with Angie

You'd be amazed with all she can do. Just ask!

Angie solves challenges for guests, staff, and properties, increasing guest
satisfaction, property efficiency, and the bottom line.

24-hour Guest Room Assistant

Guests can get what they need in the blink of an eye. Just say, “Hey Angie…”

Secure In-room Wi-Fi Access Point

As a simple plug-n-play device, Angie upgrades your network, allowing your guests’ devices to effortlessly connect to the internet and one another.

Convenient Room Control

Guests easily control their comfort while you effortlessly control your energy costs.

High-fidelity Bluetooth Speakers and Phone

Guests listen to their music and make hands-free calls while Angie replaces your old PBX phone.

Interactive Guest & Group Promotion

Tailored messages and offers on Angie’s interactive touch-screen engage guests with your property and their conference or events.


“Thank you for visiting my website. If you’d like to learn more about how my award-winning capabilities can help you improve  guest satisfaction, maximize operational efficiencies and increase revenue, please contact my team.

– Angie